Santa Alert!

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Waterford and Wedgwood Signing Event!

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An Afternoon at Bering’s

Big brother’s Charlie and Jack were set to help their little sister Janie with her birthday plans! After walking around and looking at all of the options, Charlie and Jack showed Janie some plates by Meri Meri. Janie was so excited about the selection!


Now that the theme had been selected, the trio headed to pick out birthday invitations. Let’s just say they found more than an invitation for Janie’s Birthday, the boys picked out one for themselves too!

After the party planning commenced, it was off to the Plumbing Department to help their mother pick out an air filter.

…And no trip to Bering’s would be complete without telling Hacksaw the parrot hello. Charlie had fun visiting!


After visiting Hacksaw, Gus helped Jack and Charlie with selecting and making keys.

The children’s mother, Amy Hartman, then rounded up the kiddos to help select a grill for Father’s Day! …I am sure their father, Curtis Hartman, will be happy with a Big Green Egg.

On the way to look at grills, the kids noticed the great selection of Radio Flyers!

While the Bering’s visit was nearing an end, an important task was yet to complete! Every year, Mr. and Mrs. Hartman let Janie select a little Limoges for her Birthday. Bering’s Gift Shop Specialist, Julia Clark, assisted Amy and Janie with finding the perfect one!

The highlight of the trip (next to seeing Hacksaw) was going to the gourmet counter and selecting some candy! Amy helped the kids narrow down their options, and Bering’s Specialist, Linda, handed them some treats!


The trip ended with Bering’s Cashier, Monica, assisting with the transaction. Amy remembered to use her 20% off mailer!

From beautiful Limoges to air filters and keys- Bering’s continues to be Houston’s most diverse hardware store!

 Until the next Bering’s Home Visit!


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Earth Day 2011 – Easy Eco Options

Today is Earth Day 2011, a day to educate ourselves about sustainable living and to raise awareness for environmentalism. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, Americans drink more than 55 billion liters of soda and carbonated water (seltzer) each year. This equals out to almost 600 cans per every person in the United States! The Environmental Protection agency reports that packaging from water bottles and soda cans adds 10 1/2 cubic feet of packaging per American, which results in over 3 billion cubic feet in our recycling and landfills yearly.

In addition to non-disposable drink packaging, you might also consider cutting back on electricity, water usage and other alternatives. Below is a list of some eco friendly products Bering’s carries, along with some helpful tips to consider this Earth Day:

Consider alternatives to water bottles: The SodaStream Pure Sparkling Water Maker uses water straight from the tap to create sodas and sparkling water, so you can say goodbye to plastic bottles and save your shopping money. Bering's Sodastream

Install a better shower head: Reduce expensive water-heating costs by installing faucet aerators and high-efficiency showerheads. In a year’s time you’ll save between 1,000 and 8,000 gallons of water.

*According to Reader’s Digest, the average American uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water a day.

Set a programmable thermostat: It will automatically adjust the heat or the air-conditioning so you won’t waste energy while your home is empty. Plus, you won’t have to remember to turn the thermostat up or down!

Use energy saving light bulbs: These are a great way to save energy and money.

For more eco friendly products please click here:

Until the next Bering’s Home visit!


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Spring Cleaning with Bering’s

The Most Asked For Household Cleaners

Spring has sprung!  The weather is lovely, the birds are serenading, and flowers abound! Let’s not forget that additional spring hallmark – spring cleaning! Yes, we’ve been bitten by the cleaning bug and are excited to get our houses ready to sparkle!

Tackling spring cleaning can be a cinch if you are armed with your cleaning essentials.  After all, you’d much rather be out enjoying spring time pastimes!  While we stand by all of our household cleaning products, there are some that are most often requested by our loyal customers.  As you prepare to restock your arsenal of cleaning essentials, enjoy a list of our most frequently requested household cleaners.

In no certain order, here is the list of Bering’s Most Asked For Cleaners:

Guardsman Polish Wood Scent Pump 16oz

Wax and silicone-free, premium blend of natural and organic oils. Nourishes and revitalizes the finish, produces a deep, natural shine. Features convenient pump for fast and easy polishing. Trigger spray. 16 oz.


Vanisol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

High acid bowl cleaner is a powerful liquid toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer for use in restrooms with heavy traffic, hardwater, or problem soils. High acid dissolves even the toughest built-up lime deposits, hard water scale, and rust stains. Will not harm septic tanks-contains a metal corrosion inhibitor. New angle neck bottle for easier application. Hospital type disinfectant. EPA Reg. No. 675-1.

Bering's Cleaner Vanisol

Bar Keeper’s Friend

Cleanser and polish. Nonabrasive powder for copper, tile, brass, marble, porcelain, plastic, and glass cooktops. Removes rust. 12 oz. 


Forever New 32

Forever New Ovacion Liquid is a richer formulation of the original Forever New, and is perfect for your black and dark fine washables. It is pure, organic, and biodegradeable. It removes body oils and perspiration stains, preserves fiber-flex and elasticity and keeps your garments looking new longer!. Ovacion leaves a clean, refreshing scent after washing and leaves no residue on your garments. Ovacion contains no optical brightners or lanolin

Eco88 Pet Stain and Odor Remover

EMPLOYEE FAVORITE! Augie Bering IV says, “Works great on pet urine stains and sweat stains on your golf and baseball caps. No fooling!” EMPLOYEE FAVORITE! Trudy says,” Best product in the store for pet stains. Customers can’t get enough of it!” REMOVES STAINS & ODORS PERMANENTLY! Fragrance FREE! NO SCRUBBING! NO RINSING! Eco-88 is a revolutionary new concept in stain and odor removal. Prior to Eco-88, the only stain and odor treatments available to pet owners have been enzyme type products. Eco-88 does not contain enzymes, nor is it just another spot remover. With the utilization of oxygen, Eco-88 tears down the odor causing gas molecules to elemental compounds that have no odor, therefore, removing both stains and odors regardless of the condition. Use Eco-88 Pet on Blood, Urine, Feces and Vomit. JUST Spray & WALK AWAY! GUARANTEED!

Eco88 Bering's

Folex Spot Remover

FOLEX is a Water Based Non-Ionic Surfactant. WATER BASED means that it uses water to wash the stain away, and virtually residue free cleaning. NON-IONIC means that it does not have a positive (+) or a negative (-) charge… therefore it will not attract or repel dust and dirt, so that the cleaned area will soil uniformly with the surrounding area. The spot will not reappear! SURFACTANT means that it is an emulsifying agent that reduces surface tension… So it breaks up the stain, and surrounds it, so that it can be removed by blotting with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Folex Bering's

Sprayaway Glass Cleaner 19oz

Quickly dissolves dirt, greasy grit, and grime. Use on glass, tile, brick, mirrors, and enamel surfaces. 19 oz.


Incredible Stain Remover

A stain remover, cleaner, and deodorizer that has proven to be the finest, most unique stain remover available today for carpet, clothing, and upholstery. Easy-to-use; just apply, agitate, and blot. Nontoxic, nonflammable, and biodegradable. Approved for stain-resistant carpet. This product takes out pet stains, blood stains, cosmetics, coffee, food, wine, grease, and tea stains. 1 pint (16 fl. oz.).

Lavenet Marble Cleaner

Lavenet is a pH-balanced cleaner for marble, travertine, limestone (polished & honed), slate, granite (polished & flamed), flagstone, terrazzo, and other natural stones. Lavenet requires no rinsing when used properly. Lavenet is completely biodegradable and leaves no film on stone surfaces. Lavenet will not harm any natural stone.

Metal Polish 1.76oz tube, by Flitz

Can be used to clean and protect virtually all metals, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. Protects against rust, tarnish, water stains, and salt or fresh water corrosion up to 6 months.

Polish, Furniture, Beeswax, 16oz, by Howards Products Inc.

Use Feed-N-Wax to prevent drying and cracking while preserving the wood finish. A unique blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil. The oils enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood. It is an excellent follow-up to Restor-A-Finish. 16 oz.

Grandma’s Spot Remover

Just a drop will remove oil, grease, paint, make-up, grass, ink, blood, baby formula, coffee, rust, most any stain. Environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic-no chlorine or phosphates. Safe for most fabrics. 2 fl oz.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Non-toxic 32oz

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated, environmentally responsible, and non-toxic formula for all types of residential hardwood floors. Specially designed to be safe for floors, families, and the environment.


Until the next Bering’s Home visit!


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Oh, Baby!

Sherridan and Blake Rowe

First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes baby Rowe! Sherridan and Blake Rowe could not be happier about the impending arrival of their bundle of joy.  Fully embracing the next chapter of their lives as a couple, Sheridan and Blake didn’t hesitate in enlisting the help of Bering’s staff in preparing for baby.  Having the opportunity to help this couple a second time, as they were also bridal registry clients, is a treat! We certainly love seeing our old friends, especially when we get to be a part of such momentous events!

Before we get to the details of Sherridan and Blake’s baby registry adventure, let’s recap their story.  The two met through their best friends. Get this- their best friends just happened to be brother and sister. So, it only made sense to the siblings to introduce their best friends to one another. As we all know, love is on its own timeline, so it took ten years for Sherridan and Blake to officially begin dating. Thankfully, though, when you know, you know, and a short eight months after their first official date, Blake asked Sherridan to marry him. The two were married in Houston, TX at First Presbyterian, by Sherridan’s childhood pastor David McKechnie. Their wedding was topped off with an amazing reception at the Houston Country Club.

As the two settled into their new lives together, usually over-energized Sherridan began getting extremely drowsy and low energy. This went on for some time before Blake leaned over to Sherridan and said, “You are pregnant.” Sherridan jumped back with, “You are crazy! Why do you think I am pregnant?” It was obvious to Blake that his bride was not her peppy, bubbly self.

One trip to CVS, followed by a prompt visit to Sherridan’s doctor- it was confirmed! Not only was Sherridan pregnant, but the doctor asked them if they wanted to hear the heartbeat. The two are due to have a baby boy on August 10th, the same day as Sherridan’s mother’s Birthday. Talk about a Birthday present!

Deciding to register at Bering’s for the couple’s baby registry was a natural next step, as previously mentioned- the two registered at Bering’s for their wedding. Sherridan and her mother, Ms. Penny Nelly, met with Bering’s Baby Specialist Tia Johnson. Tia assisted them with finding the perfect baby toys, blankets, clothes and accessories.

Sherridan and Mother Ms. Nelly Penny

Not only did Sherridan pick out items from Bering’s Baby Department, she also ordered the baby book and plans on ordering her birth announcements, too. Isn’t her baby book precious?! She and Blake are sure to capture all of the magical memories of baby Rowe’s young life in their Simple Elegance book.

Simple Elegance Baby Book

Stationer Susan Kaplan

To view Sherridan and Blake’s baby registry, please click here:

Congrats to Sherridan and Blake! Bering’s wishes you two (soon to be three) nothing but the best!!!

Until the next Bering’s Home visit!


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One Table Setting Four Different Ways

See how one white table setting transforms into four stunning table settings.

Who says your place setting has to match? Your tabletop should mirror your personal style, event and meal. We are excited to share how one classic place setting can be transformed into four completely different looks. We take a beautiful classically casual setting, to contemporary chic, to just all-out lovely, to rich sophistication for dinner parties with friends, family and colleagues. So the question is, “Which setting defines your style?”

Bering’s tabletop tip: Arrange table settings with 24 inches between settings to avoid crowding.

Bering’s China Consultant, Jennifer Voss, selected the “oh so pretty” Juliska Berry & Thread table setting to serve as the common thread throughout the four tabletop selections. In this first setting, style meets tradition with a rattan charger by Artifacts Trading, with a blue and white Karen Lee Ballard, Kent Garden toile placemat and napkin. Juliska’s Isabella Tulip red and white wine goblets add a delicate sparkle and dimension to the setting, with Le Perle Couzon flatware framing the dishes with a hint of shine. …And we cannot forget the pretty simplicity of Lappas’ silver plated napkin ring. This tabletop is sure to make any guest feel at home!

Traditional Beauty Tabletop

Now that you’ve laid the foundation with a nice assortment of white china, you can start mixing it up with little hints of color and varying patterns. We love the aptly named “Sunday Brunch Tabletop” chosen by Bering’s associate Kyle Story. The white Juliska Berry & Thread is complimented with an Ice Blue dessert plate and an Annie Glass charger…Perfection! This jewel of a setting is grounded with a Jacobean Kiwi placemat with Bamboo Aqua napkin, by Deborah Rhodes, and Kim Seybert’s sequin flower napkin ring. (This is a staff favorite!) The crystal is none other than Juliska’s Graham Footed goblets, with a sleek finishing touch of Waterford’s Power’s Court flatware. Time to pick up our fork and tap our goblet to announce a toast to this Juliska jewel!!

Sunday Brunch Tabletop

Juliska at Bering's

Talk about a change of pace!! This contemporary chic tabletop is sure to catch anyone’s eye. (Let’s just hope you have enough entrees and sides to serve on all the dishes!) We were inspired with the many layers this look offered. From Sybaritic Industries, Anaconda black square placemat to the Rogaska, Omega champagne saucer- it is an artistic attraction. We especially love the Pickard, Signature Collection charger (available with or without monogram), and Juliska’s Pewter Stoneware dinner and round side plates. The white Sfera linen napkin and Lappas napkin ring round out the look with Waterford’s Merrill flatware. Cheers, dinner is served!

Contemporary Chic Tabletop

Juliska at Bering's:

Lastly, when we “think green” we do not limit it to our eco-friendly practices! This elegant tabletop will win over any critic with its unique twist. The Juliska Berry & Thread dinner plate is nicely wedged between a Philippe Deshoulieres bread plate (J’adore!), and Anna Weatherley’s New Green charger. Doesn’t the gold trim just set it off?! The layering effect is complete with Sferra’s white linen placemat and Kim Seybert’s double layered napkins, the Green Silk Organza and White Embroidered linen are held tightly by Table Art’s, Pink Gold Bay Leaf napkin holder. While the rest of the pieces speak for themselves, it is only fair to brag about the beautiful flat ware and crystal! The flatware is Ricci’s Japanese Bird & Butterfly, which is nicely adorned by Waterford’s Colleen Essence goblets.

Sophisticated Elegance

Juliska fine china at Bering's:

The best part is that all but four pieces of all of these settings are dishwasher safe! After all, the host should be just as excited about dinner as the guests!!

Until the next Bering’s Home visit!



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